UK Community Drama Festivals Federation Charity Number SCO45173
    The UK Community Drama Festivals Federation      Representing the four countries who host the British Final of One Act Plays each year

Past Winners:

Total Arts Community Theatre
Lear's Daughters
Photo by Walter Hampson
The Unknown Outcasts - Contractions
Kirkintilloch Players - Her Slightest Touch
Fintry Amateur Dramatic Society-Victor's Dung
Troupers - A Day in the Death of Joe Egg Act 1
Kirkton Players In The Blinking Of An Eye
Tryst Theatre Club Act 1
Lurig Drama Group - Melody
Kirkton Players - Two
Stewarton Drama Group - One Good Beating
Total Arts Community Theatre - Find Me
Holywood Players - The Invisible Man
Another Theatre Company - After Liverpool
The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) - Ball Boys
Kirkton Players - The Steamie
Kirkton Players - Bouncers
Wick Players - Bench at the Edge
Runnymede Drama Group - Lear's Daughters
Kirkton Players - The Dumb Waiter
Wick Players - Lone Star
Kirkintillock Players - The Dancing Fusilier
Barn Theatre – Plaza Suite Act 3
Dewsbury Arts Group - The Last Yankee
Reigate Amateur Theatrical Society - Ball Boys
1993Dunaverty Players - A Slight Ache
Castaway, - Aberystwyth - After Liverpool
Bangor Drama Club - The Donahue Sisters
Headley Players – Bristol - Bouncers
East Essex Players - Day of the Dog
Paisley Old Grammarians - The Birthday Party
Heath Players – Surrey - Private Lives Act 2
Players Theatre  - The Forced Marriage
Riverside Players - Skirmishes
Bangor Drama Club - Winners
Bournemouth Little Theatre Club - Little Eyolf
Players Theatre - Sganarelle
Harodian Theatre - Playing with Fire
Paisley Old Grammarians - The Brute
Tryst Theatre - Equus (Act 1)
Extension Theatre Co- Lessons to Be Learned
Players Theatre - After I'm Gone
Flemish Players – Ballymena - No Why?
Maidenhead Players (CC) - Was He Anyone?
Clarence Players - Doreen
Claverley - The Miracle Worker
Wye Players – Hereford - Trevor
Wye Players - How's the World Treating You?
Greenock Players - A Shilling for the Beadle
Pontinlanfraith W.I. - The Nine Fathers
Paisley Old Grammarians - The Proposal
Stirling ADC - The Birthday Party
The George Square Players - The Long Christmas Dinner
Edinburgh Graduate Theatre- Getting & Spending
Llyn Safaddan Players - They Simply Fade Away
Belfast DC - Heaven is an Island
Greenock Players - Tail Piece
Oxford House Players - God is My Mountain
St. Dunstans Players - In the Zone
Belfast Drama Circle - Liberation
Edinburgh Peoples Theatre - Who Loves Moraig Act 1
GrangeTown Boys Club D.G. - Sordid Story
Greenock Players - The Reve's Tale
Llyn Safaddon Players - Davy Jones' Dinner 
Octave Theatre Club - The Wedding Morning
The Barrhead Players Club - The Masterful Wife
Sutton Amateur D.S - The Heiress Act 2
The Barrhead Players Club - Displaced Persons
West Hertfordshire Players Club - The Proposal
Birmingham International Centre - Pullman Car Hiawatha
Little Theatre – Aberdare - Birds of a Feather
Newpoint Civil Defence D.S. - Jephthah's Daughter
No festival. 
No festival. 
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No festival. 
No festival. 
No festival. 
No festival. 
Unity Theatre Club - Plant in the Sun
Midlands Bank D.S. - Count Albany
Newcastle Central Y.W.C.A. - The Willing Spirit
Abbey Players – Abingdon - The Spartan Girl
Welwyn Thalians - Not This Man
Bar & Stroud D.S. - What Every Woman Knows (Act 1)
Birkenhead Institute Old Boys D.S. -The Road of Poplars
Players Club Beaconsfield - On the High Road
Falkirk High School F.P. - Ardvorlich's Wife
Hampstead Play & Pageant Union
Susan Pierce
Moles & the Habits of Birds
Photo by Walter Hampson
Toby Rome - The Arrangement
Les Clarke - I'm Still the Same Person Inside
Mike Tibbetts - Room 342
James Phillips - with Silencing the Lambs
Barbara Crass - with Conkers
Les Clarke - with Sinking
Brenda Read - with Cuffed
Gyptha Lodge - with The Funeral of Macie Loverett
Chris Adams - with Popper
Les Clarke - with The People That Live in Boxes
James Gillingham - with Sliced
Sheryle Criswell - with A day in the life of Eleanor Duncan
Richard Macaulay - with New Place & Time
Richard Macaulay - with The Audition
Richard Macaulay - with After The Dream
Phil Nash - with The Gorkystrain
Kathy Mead - with Reconing
Mike Tibbetts - with Talent for Giving
Neil Rhodes - with Gear Knobs & Dip Sticks
Mike Tibbetts - with The Dancing Fusilier
Brian Williams - with P.V.S.
Julie Hinchliffe - with Payment in Full
Brian Williams - with Rush to Judgement
Brian Williams - with A Great Bunch of Lads
Philip De Glanville - with Lucy K
Alan Richardson - with Perfect Partners
No information
 No information
Martin Davies - with Moon Set Over Zeron
Gillian Plowman - with The Wooden Pear
Frances M Hendry - with Lovin' Kindness
David Campton - with Mrs Meadowsweet
George Brockhill - with Nudes in Waning Light
Charles Mander - with Shop for Charity
Margaret Wood - with Martred Wives
Iain McLean - with Wind
Charles Mander - with Monmouth
 No information
 David Campton - with After Midnight Before Dawn
No information
Margaret Wood - with A Moving Story
David Campton - with Everybody's Friend
Hobsons Joyce - with Charles F. Jeffrey
Margaret Wood - with Welsh Elders
 Margaret Wood - with Top Table
Donald R. Rawe - with A Skeleton in the Cupboard
Burness Bunn - with Wheal Judas
D.J. Roberts - with The Hobby Horse
Margaret Wood - with The Double - Dealers
D.J.Roberts - with The Umbrella God
Charles Mander - with The Deterrent
Jessica Fraser - with The Bodenham Romp
G.H.W.Goodman - with Dear Descendant
Charles Mander - with You Ain't Going Nowhere
Margaret Wood - with Day of Atonement
Sybil Hollingdrake - with God is my Mountain
Gwyn Clark - with Going out, is it
Sidney Carver - with Royal Adventurer
Peter S. Preston - with The Tricolor Suite
T.C.Thomas - with Davy Jones's Clock
Seamus Fail - with The Devil His Due
T.C.Thomas - with Davy Jones' Dinner
T.C.Thomas - with Davy Jones's Locker
Peter S. Preston - with Myself a Traitor
John Langley - with Eight Times Christopher
B.M.Clegg - with The Appletree, the Singing and the Gold
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